KOH LANTA Island. The origin of the name is unclear, but it may come from the Javanese LANTAS, which means a type of fish grill. The name of the island was officially changed to LANTA in 1917.Lanta is located approximately 80km from the provincial town of KRABI and consists of three main islands. The first is KO KLANG, it is separated from the mainland by a small river (klong) and a road bridge. The second is the more populated KO LANTA YAI commonly known as KO LANTA. The third KO LANTA NOI is not visited by many tourists, but it can certainly be interesting for lovers of traditional architecture.

Nejvědší ostrov KO LANTA YAI  má devět pláží táhnoucích se po celém západním pobřeží, lesy a tropickou džungli. KO LANTA YAI s KO LANTOU NOI je spojena novým mostem SIRI LANTA ,který byl otevřen v roce 2016.

MU KO LANTA National Park is a National Park in the southern part of the island. The park was founded in 1990. During a tour of the park, we will get to know several types of palm trees that are not common in the wild jungle, we will take pictures of parasitic tree difunbachia, free-living monkeys, scavenger monitor lizards and sea eagles hovering over the beautiful beach. The entrance fee to the national park is 200 thb. For lovers of romance, it is possible to rent a tent from the ranchers for 300 thb and spend an unforgettable romantic night in the park. WELCOME TO THAILAND…

A two-kilometer free-spirited hike through the tropical forest along the stone stream bed to the local waterfall, which will end with a bath under the falling water of the waterfall. The jungle, bat caves, monitor lizards, monkeys and other attractions will be a memory of the beautiful part of the island of Ko Lanta.

TRIP SUMMARY:  Full day tour around the beautiful island of Ko Lanta starts at 9:00 AM. An all-terrain vehicle is used for the trip, which will transport us to all corners of the island. The first stop is in the MU KO LANTA National Park where we climb to a rocky peak where an unmistakable lighthouse is built. Views of the distant islands of KO HAA, PHI PHI or KO ROK are the reward of an easy ascent. The Czech guide will introduce you to the history of the park. The program of the trip includes an undemanding but even more interesting walk through the jungle with a stop at the Bat Cave with its beautiful stalactite decoration. Wading along the bed of the stream, which ends with a small ten-meter waterfall in which you can bathe and have a pleasant refreshing massage with the stream of water. The view restaurant KHAO YAI with a bamboo interior and an unusual tasting of Thai dishes will be a pleasant stop on this trip. In the Old Town, we will take a look at the shrine of Chinese Buddhists, about which you will learn many interesting things from my lectures, and you will also get to know the history of the Old Town. In the newly renovated Buddhist complex, we will visit the museum with the royal family and their rituals. At the end of the trip, we will pass through the MANGROVE FOREST National Park.

PRICE: 2200 thb/person/for 6 people


– transport by all-terrain vehicle

-2x fee to the National Park

– test lunch of Thai dishes,/drinks are not included in the price of the trip/

-cruising in the mangrove meanres

– Czech guide