A trip in which we feel the soul of Karel Apsolon and Jindřich Wankel. A trip in which I will discover the beauty of the cave world, where the number of stalagmites, slalactites and slalagnates will take our breath away with their beauty. A trip during which you escape from the city, escape from stress and let the adrenaline flow in your blood from the experienced adventure.

Forget about commercial trips with the NAUI team. Sailing to the TALABENGU archipelago takes place on classic fishing boats, LONGTAIL in slang, which are a world rarity thanks to the attachment of the engine and propeller on a long pole. The island of KO PEE is called the ghost island by the natives, because it is said that under certain conditions, a green mysterious light shines from the eyes of the skull that the cave resembles. Mythical stories and spiritual thoughts of the natives will give the trip the right adventurous atmosphere.

The entrance dome of the Talabeng cave welcomes you with a massive stalagnate, which has become a stalactite again thanks to the tides. By climbing the ladder made of tires to the main dome of the cave, you can empathize with the feelings of the cavers who discover the hidden beauty of the karst formations, and maybe you will return to Moravian Karst with your thoughts and memories.

The fishing boat to TALABENG or KO PEE sails through the KHAO RAPU National Park, which is home to a diverse ecosystem that includes the largest mangrove forest on KO LANTA.

PRICE: 2000 thb/person/with 6 people


– transport by car from the resorts to the ship

-cruise by fishing boat

-1x polatek for the National Park

– flashlights


– Czech guide

-edited film from the event