Who travels in Thailand and misses KHAO SOK National Park, as they say, has not been to Thailand. KHAO SOK National Park is located in SURAT THANI province in Thailand. Its area is 739 km° of which the RATCHAPRAPHA Dam has an area of 165 km°. The park is the largest area of virgin forest in southern Thailand and is a remnant of a rainforest that is older and more diverse than the Amazon rainforest. Those who hit the deadline can see the largest flower of the RAFFLESIA KERRII plant in the park. It is estimated that the park contains more than 5% of the world’s species. Wild mammals include the Malayan tapir, Asian elephant, sambar deer, bear, banteng macaque, pig…..

The two-day trip is filled with a program so that not a minute goes to waste. 250 km in an air-conditioned car are relatively visually interesting, as we drive through an interesting landscape. The lake is actually a dam that supplies drinking water to a large part of Thailand. Several hydroelectric plants generate electricity for Thailand. Four trips along the lake will draw you into Jurassic Park in your imagination. The peaks of the ridges that line the shores of the lake reach up to 1500 m/s. These will be the places you will want to return to.

KHAO SOK National Park is really beautiful, but we shouldn’t be the NAUI team, so that this trip doesn’t have adventure and for some, adrenaline. This will ensure that we penetrate the kilometer-long meandering cave NAM THALU CAVE. This needs to be experienced, as no superlatives can replace direct contact with the amazing nature.

PRICE: 6000 thb/person/with 6 people 


– air-conditioned car transport /one way 300km/

-2x ferries/transfer to the mainland and back/

 -1x National Park fee

1x fee tax 

-3x food /drink not included/ 

-kayak rental 

-trip to NAM TALU CAVE

-trips on the lake /sunrise and sunset/

-czech guide 

edited action movie