Diving & Snorkeling @ Koh Maa


KOH MAA is a distinctive island between the islands of KOH BIDA and KOH HAA. It is also the closest diving location from the island of KOH LANTA. Around the island there are several places on the bottom of which there are many fire corals, which create beautiful coral formations.
Off the island, the navy sank three of the seven ships. It is preparing to sink another eight ships in the UNDERWATER RESEARCH PARK project. The idea is to turn the ships into artificial coral reefs, which become an attraction for divers and also provide access and protection for fish.
The dive sites are good for starting courses and diving around sunken ships adds a sense of mystery and adventure to the dive
Fire corals create beautiful shapes, but it is unpleasant to touch them, as there are protective enzymes on their surface that can burn unpleasantly.